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Chocolate Chip Cookies
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Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies


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About Terri's Cookies

At Terri's Cookies, we are passionate about baking the freshest and most delicious cookies using treasured family recipes. Our lifelong baker, Terri, has been perfecting her craft for years and is now excited to share her signature cookies with the world. We believe that cookies can bring joy and happiness to any occasion, big or small. Our core values are quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. Order from us today and taste the homemade difference!

Gluten-Free Options Available

We understand that many people have dietary restrictions, which is why we offer a variety of gluten-free cookie options. From classic flavors like chocolate chip to unique flavors like lavender shortbread, we've got you covered. Our gluten-free cookies are just as delicious as our regular cookies, so everyone can enjoy a sweet treat from Terri's Cookies.

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